Alkami Technology Plano Texas

Competitive Insights

Use artificial intelligence, account holder transaction analysis and machine learning to gain a competitive advantage in the financial sector.
The Problem

The banking industry is experiencing enhanced competition from non-banks, disruption by Fintechs, and market consolidation due to mergers and acquisitions. Digital technology is further intensifying the market, revolutionizing the way consumers research banking products, conduct their banking, and open new accounts.

The Solution

Alkami analyzes ACH transactions and accurately identifies the held away accounts that account holders have with competitors. We provide a complete financial picture of every account holder, reveal total dollars leaving the institution, and expose new market opportunities based on account holder transactions.

Making the use case actionable

Make the right strategic business decisions

Knowing which competitors your account holders are banking with, and what products they have with each competitor can help you make the right strategic decisions.

Evolve your products and services

Compete with more intensity by evolving your product offerings, marketing, sales approach and holistic strategy based on your customers first-party data.


Don't just evolve. Innovate. The competitors your customers are banking with can tell you a lot about what they are looking for. Discover who your true competitors are, how much money is leaving your bank, and where you are falling short.

Cross-sell the right products

Deploy competitive take-away campaigns, and improve the relevancy of your marketing by understanding the products your account holders have with your competitor - then deliver the right message at the right time to win their business in these areas.

Integrate data CRMs

Provide relationship managers with insights about customer’s held-away assets or the competing institutions to which they choose to send payments.

See digital banking in action

Experience better banking

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