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Wealth Management

Offer customized wealth building support with the help of data.
The Problem

Many times, financial institutions lose sight of their data and do not know how to measure the success or failure of their campaigns. Whether a financial institution has an internal wealth team, or adding to the complexity, has to engage outside vendors to help sell their wealth management products, understanding the wealth needs of account holders or prospects can be challenging.

The Solution

Alkami can help plug into your data points, providing a more comprehensive holistic view of your account holders.

Making the use case actionable

Finding Investors within your Ecosystem

Understanding the full financial journey of your account holders will help you find every opportunity in your ecosystem. Investment personas often can cast a wide net, yet certain insights can provide direction in sales and marketing efforts when delivering messages to possible wealth prospects. Watch for Key Lifestyle Indicators® (KLIs) such as payments to competitive investment firms, cryptocurrency or stock market transactions, high payroll direct deposits, credit card low balances or paying off completely each month, and more.

Audience Data is not just for Digital Delivery

Using Alkami’s KLI Discovery tool, you can build custom audiences and export for delivery and influence. Export audiences for call sheets, direct mail, tellers, invites to events, personal letter mailers, and more. These audiences can then be tracked within the Alkami platform and report back to you as new product adoptions occur.

Build Institutional Loyalty Early On

Setting your institution up as a go-to resource for investment products and support early in someone's financial journey will cultivate an emotional connection, leading to loyalty that can benefit your institution for decades to come. Further connect with your account holders by building campaign visuals and marketing imagery using insights to show account holders and prospects in different stages of their financial story.

Custom Data Inquiries

Creating an audience within Alkami's platform is incredibly easy, especially with the help of your dedicated Client Success Manager. Finding data points within your account holder transactions using Key Lifestyle Indicators can be of significant value to the wealth team, and can be a guide for developing a successful plan.

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